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The nature of sound

If we start talking in a dark room, words suddenly take on new meanings; thus all the qualities that the printed page has taken away from language return in the darkness of the radio.
(Marshall McLuhan)

Everything we can hear and more is generated by vibrations which are measured in Hertz (Hz), i.e. oscillations or vibrations per second and the standard of most of the music we are used to hearing during our days is 440 Hz Music at 432 Hz is also called natural tuning, because it is inspired by the sounds of nature and the vibrations of the universe, also called "Scientific Tuning" because it is based on a mathematically precise tuning of A and C (central A at 432 Hz and C at 256 Hz, both numbers that are multiples of 8, which refers precisely to the scientific tuning fork, or "Golden Tuning" because the rules followed are those of the so-called golden proportions. Unlike the standard tuning, which is now almost anywhere on 440 Hertz, music at 432 Hertz would seem to be consistent with the vibrations of the universe: a sort of 'biological music' that tunes our brain and our perceptions to the same frequencies that regulate planetary symphonies such as the heartbeat of smallest creature on earth.


The first broadcaster in the world to use 432Hz tuning