From 2005 to today

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A group of friends, a pizza, a beer and an idea that keeps them together: the radio. On May 2, 2005 their idea came to life: RADIO CENTRO MUSICA was born. Their slogan was and still is today: IT IS US... SIMPLY US. Today it is no longer a small web radio, but is present on all broadcasting platforms: FM, AM, DAB, DAB+, DIGITAL RADIO, INTERNET

There are many famous artists and personalities from the world of culture, politics and art in general who have sat in front of the microphones of RADIO CENTRO MUSICA, just as there have been many participations in events and demonstrations with other major global radio and television broadcasters and Institutions.

Today Radio Centro Musica is much more than just a radio: 5 international locations; 1 representative office (Rome office); diversification of programs and language based on the country of broadcast; active participation in highly relevant institutional events.

These are just some of the features of Radio Centro Musica.

Radio Centro Musica®
Temporary Grouping of Companies
e-Stream ltd - Digital Broadcasting Radio® ltd - srl - SBS ltd - BAI Global Holdco Limited
Prince Regent Swimming Complex
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Brighton BN1 1YA
United Kingdom



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Take us with you everywhere through your Android smartphone. Click on the button below, install our app, give the requested permissions and listen to our music with the quality that only we can offer you. Discover our programs and our hosts.



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Our music also arrives on Apple smartphones with any OS version. To listen to us it's simple: download and install the app; provide any authorizations and search for "RADIO CENTRO MUSICA" in the search engine.



Take us with you everywhere


In some regions of Italy, you can listen to us on FM 107.100 MHz Stereo (Trentino Alto Adige; Friuli Venezia Giulia; Veneto; Lombardy; Valle D'Aosta; Puglia; Calabria; Campania; Basilicata; Lampedusa Island).

In medium wave, you can listen to us by tuning to the 702 KHz frequency in stereo (only on receivers set up for this function).

We are also present on FM 97.300MHz Stereo in some foreign countries (Malta; Turkey; Egypt; Spain; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Australia; Argentina; Chile).


On your receiver, search for RCM or RCM.FM and thrill with digital audio quality

Digital Radio

If you have an Android smartphone (version 4 or higher); Apple (any operating system version) or Huawei, you can download our app to live the unique experience of our music at 432Hz with the purity of unparalleled digital audio.

For Huawei devices and/or smartphones, follow the instructions indicated for Apple devices and/or smartphones.

Internet Radio Receiver

You can also follow our programs and our music through the best Internet Radio or Digital Radio receivers. You can also use your personal computer by clicking on the icons of the players indicated directly on the listening player.

Internet Player Radio

Sand you are with your personal computer and want to live a unique and exciting listening experience, you can use our player designed to recognize your audio system and automatically configure the sound system.


If, however, you want to combine breathtaking images and very high definition music in a unique experience, use the players on our site.

You can also follow our brand new channelTELE RCM